Established in 2010

Message From Chairman

We look forward to your stay.

On behalf of REAL Steel PRODUCT and staff across the entire company, I would like to thank all our clients for the trust and support they put on us over the past seven years. Our long term partnership played a vital role in our success. It takes years of well planned hard work to become a successful company. We were prepared, foresightful to maintain sustainable growth. Since 2014, thanks to our responsible and hard working employees we have become one of the most prominent companies in the industry with efficiency in operations, reliability for customers. Due to our strong market presence, our performance has become a benchmark for upcoming brands. A strong steel industry is essential for a country to improve the infrastructure of the country. This is why the steel industry is said to be the backbone of all industries. Development of this industry paves way to grow more for all other industries. We all stakeholders of Alif Steel Mills ltd are proud to contribute in the development of our country. We aim to become a leading manufacturer in this industry globally. I again thank all stakeholders of our company for becoming partners in this journey.

Standard coil colors All kinds of colors (At buyer's option


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